Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

Volta Battery is a very famous battery brand and it used in huge amount in whole world. Volta Battery Price List with Details available here. Now you can check battery type with the price to select for your Motorbike, Card, Ups, and Solar, Volta batteries are available for every kind of use like Card, Trucks, Bikes and Ups solar system. Volta Battery providing powerful battery for your Home, Solar Ups, and Vehicles. Volta Batteries providing best sale and service with 6 Month Warranty.  Volta Batteries are reliable Batteries providing company in Pakistan.

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Volta battery is specially designed for UPS, inverter because it gives better backup time and longer life. Volta dry batteries need no maintenance and ready to use. Its some batteries are made for Honda City, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Gli, Xli, Suzuki Mehran, Cultus, etc. Below you can find the Volta battery price in Pakistan 2020. You can buy this product online in Pakistan from different online stores as well as from volta distributors and dealers around Pakistan.

Battery Types

  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • VRLA Batteries
  • Dry Charge Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • Tubular Batteries

Volta Battery Price List 2020

Battery Type No of Plates Acid Price (Rs.)
NS48 9 Free 3100-00
NS65 12 4500-00
NS65L 12 4500-00
N70 9 4050-00
N80Z 11 4500-00
N80ZL 11 4500-00
NS90 13 5700-00
N90A 11 5000-00
N95 13 5800-00
V100Z 15 6500-00
V100ZL 15 6500-00
T120 15 7800-00
N130 17 8200-00
N135 19 8700-00
N140 19 8900-00
NS175 21 10500-00
NS185 23 11000-00
N200 23 12800-00
N220 25 13000-00
IPS800 ———
IPS1100 ———
IPS1300 ———
IPS1600 ———
NS48L 9 3100-00
CR60L 11 3600-00
N60 11 4000-00
N60L 11 4000-00
NS240 27 14000-00
N260 31 ———
CNG50L 11 3400-00
CNG60L 11 4000-00

Volta Battery Maintenance

  • These batteries are maintenance free. No acid is required.
  • Maintenance free batteries are ready to use. When you purchased acid batteries, then you have to wait for electrolyte fill an initial charge. But this type does not need an initial charge.
  • The batteries are corrosion free. In this way, this equipment keeps your vehicle and terminal clean.
  • Volta maintenance-free batteries are equipped with calcium technology, with this technology this product consumes less electrolyte.
  • Long life, Supreme quality, and durable.
  • It has high cranking ability in cold and hot weather condition in Pakistan.

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