Virtual University of Pakistan Spring Admission 2022

Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) is one of best universities. It has its many branch in different cities of Pakistan. every branch has able teachers an good education system for students. Virtual University is providing good opportunity to all the students true they can get qualified and can get a good job by showing the virtual University degree. Virtual University has different fields where there students can take admission according to their interest. Here we are going to tell you it’s one of the best degree of computer science and diploma.

Virtual University of Pakistan Spring Admission 2022

Masters program

Master program is 2 year program to complete a degree. Virtual investee provide many profession in Masters program so that student can take admission in the field according to their interest and according to the percentage of their previous marks. every feed has its merit. So the students can take admission in Masters program by fulfilling these requirements.

BS program

BS program is 4 years program to complete a degree. It include two years of bachelors and two years of Masters degree in it. So the students who want to complete a degree in four years can take admission in BS program. BS program basically is a science related program. it also has many fields related to science. So the students who have done their fsc degree can take admission in BS.

Associated degree

The associated degree program is for those students who had not completed their previous degree yet and want to take part in the next level degree program. For example us computer science students has not completed his previous ICS so he can take part in associated degree computer science program. by doing so they can get their IC’s as well as Bachelor associated degree.

Diploma program

Diploma degree is one year degree. It has its  field in computer science and in information technology.  this degree is for those students who want to learn computer science and information technology in a very short period of time. after doing diploma the students can get job easily.

So these are some of the information technology in computer science discipline that the virtual University is providing all over Pakistan.

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