Verification of Nadra ID Card Online Free

The verification of the ID card and the other certificates and the other information about the id card and the new id card and the re-issue id card and the B-form and the information of the computerized marriage certificate are available on the page and the site. In the Pakistan, now all the jobs and the new admission for the schools colleges and the universities and the foreign universities demand the verification of the ID card for different purposes. In the past, mostly people do the different copies of the ID card and they attested the ID card copies through the 17 or the 18th grade of the officers. But now, all the things and the total process about the nationality card and the other documents are computerized and now the Nadra department announced the new rule that the person verified their id card through the cell phone very easy with only some charges.

Important documents for the verification

  • If any person wants to verify their documents they need some important document like
  • The persons must have the ID card in their hand
  • If any person does not have the ID card at the time of the verification then they remember the id card number.
  • Without the ID card number the verification is not possible.

How we verify the documents

  • The procedure and the steps are too much easy. The following steps are
  • The person only clicks the link of the verification option.
  • Then the portal of the Nadra office is opened.
  • There are two options in the portal one is login and the other is new registration.
  • The person clicks the new registration option and then the person creates the account with the help of the email and the password.
  • Then the person click the option of the start verification and then the person select the option of the different choices like Child registration or the family registration or the CNIC verification.
  • Then the person enters the verification of the CNIC option and then they select the bank name and the amount and enter the credit card number for the payment.
  • The 50 RS charges are fixed for the verification of the ID card.
  • After completing all the process the verification of the ID card details is displayed on the screen.

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