Unique Academy Entry Test Preparation 2022

This unique group of institutes is one of the best institutes in Pakistan.  It is famous because of its good result and good atmosphere. It in one of the most well-disciplined institutes of Pakistan. If someone wants to take admission in this institute follow our website.

Unique Academy Entry Test Preparation 2022

Admission system:

To take admission in this institute candidates must know about the eligibility criteria of the institute. First they should get a prospectus from the institute. There they will find all the details of that institute. They will ask you to fulfill all the doucuments. After submitting them candidates can get admission.

Eligibility criteria:

In the prospectus of institute you will find out some of the documents that you have to fulfil. The institute will demand your CNIC copy your father’s CNIC copy your previous board result and birth certificate etc. You just have to submit all these things in the account office of the institute. After this they will test you and you have to pass the test.

Entry test system;

The unique groups of institute is giving all of you opportunity to prepare your self for entry test. They have all the departments to prepare you. Some of are given below:-

  • NUMS
  • ECAT

There are many students who wants to get admission in this Institute but there are yeh some students who want to top the board they also can used their brains and get the good marks and they also used for the knowledge of the students and with these good marks there are the many students who toped and get position and one of the students of the session get the great marks and he toped the board and get the overall first position in this session and there are the many other students who want to get the admission in this institue after seeing the performance of the student.

To get admission in this institue there is the admission test required and u can go to the online portal of or website.

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