Ufone Super Call Package Detail Online Free

The details of the super UFONE call package and the details and the information of the message packages and the internet packages are available on the page and the site. The customer can check all the information and the other information about the SIM’s number and the other information about the internet devices through the link and the site. The UFONE Company is the international Company. In the Islamic countries like the Saudi Arabia and the Dubai and the other countries have the same company network but their names are some different.

Super call package details

The UFONE Company announced the call package for the user with only some charges. In the Pakistan the million of the person’s use the UFONE SIM and all the users are satisfy with the speed and the performance of the UFONE network.

  • This package is announced for the business mans and the other person’s who daily recharge their balance and then they get the advantage from the SIM. With the help of the super call package the person can talk in long duration with only some charges.
  • The details of the super call package is
  • This package is only for the 24 hours. You can do the call anytime in the whole day.
  • This package provides you unlimited free minutes from UFONE to UFONE network.
  • This package provides you the unlimited free minutes from UFONE to PTCL number.
  • The only charges for the one hour are 3.98.

Procedure for the subscription

  • If any person wants to subscribe the package in their SIM then they open the site and they can subscribe it online with the help of the application.
  • If any person does not want to subscribe the package online then they open the phone dial box and then they dial the 2 digits code.
  • The digit code is *45#.
  • If any person wants to UN-subscribe the package then they dial the *451#.
  • After dialing the code the person receive the message and the notification from the UFONE Company and in the message all the details of the packages are mentioned.

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