Ufone Din Bhar Package Detail Online Free

Ufone is a famous telecom company in Pakistan. It was the fourth telecom company in Pakistan but it gained its status in the heart of people by serving them with their best services. Now you can see that a great number of people using this network to communicate with their beloved ones and if we talk about youth then majority of youngsters are now using Ufone packages. Ufone says that our everything is our customers and we want to make them happy by offering them much cheaper and more reliable packages and it is fact that they are doing it what they says. Ufone offers great number of packages to its customers. There are many Ufone SMS, Call and Internet packages and their each package is much cheaper and more reliable.

Well there are many call packages offered by Ufone but today we will talk about only one call package but it you dislike this package and want to get any other package detail then you can also get any other Ufone call package detail on this site as everything is provide on this site. Well first let me share this package detail with you and after this you can take a decision according to your requirement. Here is this package detail which name is full day call package and this package is for limited time so this is the right time to subscribe this offer. Well take a look below where you will get this package detail. One more thing that is this package is subject to change and can be replacing with a good one package. Well let’s go below and take a look on this package.

Package Brand Ufone Din Bhar Package
Package price Rs. 7 include tax
Free minutes Unlimited for Vfone, PTCL, Ufone
Subscribe code *4454#
Package Validity 9AM to 5PM

It was the information of this package which I have shared with you and you can also get other packages detail on this site so should visit this site to get other packages detail.

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