TEVTA Chinese language Course Admission 2022

The admission of TEVTA for the language courses for the session 2022 has been announced. If any student wants to learn different language for different countries then they can apply for the TEVTA institute. This institute is very famous for the short and the long courses like computer course, vocational course, language course and typing courses. The TEVTA is the government sector institute and Million of the students got admission in this institute for different courses. Now this time the TEVTA institute announced the Chinese language course for the students.

Why we need Chinese language

  • The china and the Pakistan are the neighbors and best friends. The government of china and government of Pakistan make the contract for the economy of Pakistan. The government of china announced that they make 7 projects n the Pakistan and they make the proper contract with briefly details. The government of the Pakistan accepted the offer and now this time the government of china completed the 5 projects in Pakistan.
  • In the Pakistan, the big project is CPEC and the best thing is that the government of china announced that only the employees of Pakistan are working in CPEC project. Now this time the project is ready and mostly trades are running with the help of CPEC project. The government of Pakistan announced that they need the employees for working but on the other hand the government of Pakistan has the condition that the employee is best in Chinese language.

How to apply

  • If any person wants to get the detail of the jobs and the courses that kind of the candidates click the link and get the information about the jobs.
  • The TEVTA institute announced the Chinese languages course and the course duration is 3 months.
  • In this course the students learn the writing and speaking of Chinese language.
  • After the course, student gives the examination and then they got the certificate.
  • Interested students apply for the admission online.
  • Due to the virus, students can get the classes online.

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