Telenor Djuice Daily SMS Package Detail Online Free

The Telenor Djuice is the one of the largest brand in the Pakistan and this company is too much widely and this company or the bran is only introducing for the youth of the Pakistan. Mostly customers and the youth want the high speed internet and the high quality of the networking in the call and the messages. In the whole world the Pakistan is in the third ranking number who uses the services of the Telenor Djuice. There are many packages of the one day and the two day and the weekly and the monthly and the hourly for the customers or the users.

Message packages of the Telenor SIM

  • With the charges of the 4.78 the customer of the consumers receives the 240 free messages from all the networks of only one day.
  • With the price of the RS 10 the users receives the 1000 messages
  • With the price of the RS 13 the users receive the 200 messages.
  • With the help of the RS 17 the user receives the 600 messages.
  • All the code and the messages and the prices and the duration and the other charges are mentioned on the page and the site.

How to register new SIM

  • The company of the Telenor announced that if any person and the new user want to open the SIM and register the new SIM then the company of the Telenor gave him the special offer.
  • The special offer is that the RS 50 balance is in the account of the Telenor SIM.
  • The company gave you the 1000 free mints from Telenor to Telenor.
  • The company gave you the unlimited messages from Telenor to the other networks.
  • The company gave you 10000MB for the internet and the validity of all the packages is only 1 month.
  • The person or the customer write the special code that are mentioned on the page and then they send it to the Telenor company after one second the company sends you all the free minutes and the MB’s and the messages package.

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