Tabeer Scholarship Program KPK 2022 Last Date Apply

Why this test is important:-

There are many students who are needy and they want to continue the Study there is the relief fund for then from the tabeer scholarship program in which the scholarship is give to those who are needy can’t pay their school fees and they are now in the professional degree plan. This scholarship offering office is in the Centre of the kpk. Degree plans in which the scholarship are offering are:-

  • BS
  • BSC
  • com
  • BBA
  • ED
  • Nursing
  • Dvm
  • MBBS
  • Bds
  • B tech
  • MA
  • LLB
  • MCom
  • DPT
  • Pharmacy

These are the course in which the scholarship care available for the candidate who want to get the registration in the scholarship program.

Pakistan Talent Olympiad Merit Scholarship KPK 2022

How to apply:-

  • The registration form can be downloaded from our website.
  • All the documents had to be attested.
  • All the documents required the good and clear fully data.
  • The candidate had to put the academic career with that on the form.
  • Candidate had to put the data of the guardians.
  • The candidate had to put the incomes of the guardians.
  • The candidate want to put the reason why he want the scholarship.
  • The scholarship can be given to the students in the 2 months.
  • The scholarship can be given only to the needy and person who applied for this scholarship.

Schedule and procedure of the Scholarship:-

  • All the candidate who are studying can apply here.
  • The candidate get more and more information about the scholarship from our website.
  • The candidate who are in the private schools are more eligible for that.
  • The candidate who are here having low fees they Can’t afford the fees they can apply fo the scholarship also .
  • The test is held on the main venue at kpk.
  • The candidate had to pass the entry test.
  • The candidate had to get the 60% marks in the entry test can get scholarships.
  • The scholarship who want to get scholarships ca get registered from our website.
  • There is a portal for the candidate who want to get Scholarships for studies and for getting
  • The scholarship can be given to the candidate at the base of open merit.
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