Tabeer Program Sindh Merit Scholarship 2022

The Sindh government has decide to give the scholarship in different programs in 2022 for the candidates. There are many programs in which the candidate get the scholarship. The student must have at least some percentage if they want scholarship. The percentage and other information we are mentioned below. From where the candidate learn it how about scholarship take. If the student want to get scholarship with their types program we are mentioned below then they must be follow our websites. We upload such types data and information for about education institute.

Tabeer Program Sindh Merit Scholarship 2022

The program in which candidate get scholarship:


The candidates who just have completed their bachelors in arts in science can apply in the scholarship test. They are different types of scholarship test according to the degrees of the candidates. The candidates get know about this scholarship test from the prospectus and online. Lekin appear in the scholarship test by filling the forms and the documents. The art students can appear in the scholarship test related to arts and the students of science can also in medical tests.


The students who just have done their bachelors in science can participate in the scholarship test related to science for any other fields of science. Just have to filled form where they have to write about their previous studies and the degree that they are currently doing.



There are million of the candidates who have done their studies in computers and commercials. The main purpose of scholarship test is to give some is and some financial is to the poor candidates who are facing some financial problems in studies. After completing their studies in computer commercial they can appear in the scholarship test related to the computers commercials or any other subjects they have done.

The criteria:

Financial assistance and scholarship available for all the candidates at undergraduate level. Students war facing financial problems can participate in scholarship test. The eligibility of a candidate is linked to their financial needs. Financial background of the candidates and the family of the candidates will be check in this regard. Those students who secured admission on self finance are not eligible.

Total amount of scholarship:

The amount of the scholarship is is related to the degrees. The higher the degree of the student is applying the higher the amount of scholarship they will get. After the middle standard the candidate can apply and appear in the scholarship. There are laptops some money scholarship and tablets for all the candidates who appear in the test. The candidate who perform well in the test they get prize money. Total amount of scholarship starts from the 5000 and up to 40,000 or more.

How to apply:

the system of scholarship test has become very popular for the candidates and student who are facing financial problem and who have interest in participating different kinds of test. It is not only for the students who you need money but also for the students who have willpower and courage in them to appear in the test among the thousands of the candidates. After the middle the candidate can apply for scholarship test. the candidates who want to appear in the scholarship test can get scholarship paper from the banks and offices. The candidates must have to fill the form and pay all the documents. Hindi scholarship test they need to tell them about their financial background the family their father disciplines and their studies that they are currently doing and have done in the past. Some passport size photos and see CNIC have to attached with their documents. After all the procedure of filling form the candidate have to submit the form through the bank or online.

Due date and last date of the send application:

The scholarship test has its due date and last date of sending application and documents. The candidates must know about the due date and the last date of test. From different website or online we can know about the due date of the scholarship test. On that date we can get the scholarship forms online or from offices. On the last date of candidates have to submit their forms. If a candidate do not submit his forms on the date so he will not be able to appear in the scholarship test.

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