SSGC Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The duplicates bills and the information about the gas pipeline are available on the page and the site. If any person wants to download or check the online Gas bill of the current month then they enter the meter number or the id number and then they enter the bill type and then they enter the code and then they click the option of the submit after some seconds the person can see the currently gas bill on the screen. On the other hand if any person wants to get the Information of the past bills and the other requirements then they click the link and get the older bills.

How To Download It

  • If any person wants to get the current or the older bill than they just click the link and they get the bill.
  • After that on the top of the page the download icon is displayed on the screen.
  • The person clicks the option and then the person select the format like the doc file or the PDF file.

Registration For The New Meter

  • If any of the persons wants to open the new meter for their home and the office and the factory and the mill then they click the link and then download the form of the new meter.
  • In the registration form, the person enters the name and the father name and the ID card number and the contact number and the address and the permanent address and the address where the meter is used and the charges and the person can also select the connection like the local or the commercial or the factory or the industrial.
  • Then the person receives the fee voucher of the new meter and then the person deposit the amount of the normal routine charges into the bank.
  • If any person wants to do the registration of the new meter on the urgent basis then they pay the fee of the urgent working.
  • In the urgent basis the new meter is issued within the week.

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