Sports and Games Essay For Matric & Inter Students

Sports and games play an important role in our life. If any person who do not play any game and they think that they are fit that kind of students do not feel their weakness at this stage but after 20 years they feel that sports are too much important in our life. Life of student is too much important and at this age mostly students creates memory and at this stage they also learn that fitness of body is too much important.

Now this time, mostly doctor advised to patient that they do some exercise and if they do not do exercise and they think that they can recover their disease that kind of patient only waste their time and they do not recover soon. Now this time all students who read in big classes like graduation and they always think that they feel tired at the time of study and some of the students think that if they play games and then they can read books then they can easily get education from different types of resources.  All school teachers advised to students that they always participate in different types of games and if they do not participate in games then they do not k now about competition of real life.

Sports and games make freshmen to student mind. Some people who have problem of bones and they do not know why they feel pain too much in their knees and legs. According to survey all doctors told us that if any person does not play any game in their life and they always read study that kind of person face different types of problems. Now this time, too much patients are for diabetes and they want to get rid of this disease. All persons just do exercise and only one form of exercise is games.  Some of the students always play games and they do not focus on study that kind of students face problems like low marks in examination and lack of education that kind of students just maintain proper time table and then they play games according to their regular routine.

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