SNGPL Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The online bills and the new meter information and the charges and the list of the instruction of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited for this month are available on the page and the site. The best thing is that the rates are the same for the every city and the rules are also same for the every city because there is no any division of the cities and the districts in this department. The main pipeline is working in the whole country.

In the past the people of the Pakistan use the gas cylinder but now with the help of the advanced technology the people uses the SUI gas in their homes and the factories and the shops.

How We Check The Bill Online

  • If any person wants to check the bill online of the SNGPL they follow the steps that are
  • First the person click the link that are mentioned on the below of the page and then the person select the category of the SNGPL connection.
  • Then the person enters the meter number in the box. The meter number is mentioned on the previous bill and the number is also mentioned on the meter.
  • The meter number is only 8 digits and the two alphabetic words
  • The person only enter the 8 digits and then they click the desired connection like domestic and then the person clicks the option of submit and the get bill.
  • In the gas bill the consumer name and the meter id and the unit details and the date of the teller and the last date and the amount and per unit rate and the history of the previous charges of the bill are mentioned on the present SNGPL bill.
  • In the Pakistan there are types of the connection one is domestic and the other is commercial and the other is industrial.
  • All the connections have the different meters and the different unit prices and the different meter sizes and the consumption.
  • If any person wants to register for the new meter then they follow the separate procedure.

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