Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The duplicates bill and the unit’s rate and the other information about the commercial and the domestic and the industrial meters and the other information about the storage and the capacity of the electricity in the Grid station and the information about the jobs in the SEPCO are available on the page and the site. The SPECO division is too much widely because many villages and the small towns are connected with him. In the Sukkur the use of the electricity is more and the more in the summer.

How to download the bill

  • If any person wants to download the duplicate bill they just click the link of the electricity duplicate bill and then they enter the email and the password for the duplicate bill.
  • Then the person selects the connection type and then the person enters the reference number without alphabetic number and only with digits.
  • Then the person enters the 4 digits or the alphabetic or the mixed character in the small box.
  • If the code is approved then only after 10 seconds you got the duplicate bill.

Procedure for the Commercial or the industrial meter

  • If any person wants to get the new meter for the shop or the Plaza and the other need then they follow the different steps
  • First they download the application form and the person also writes the application for the new meter.
  • Then the person fills the form accurately.
  • In the application form the person enters the name and the father name and the contact number and the complete address where the meter need and the area of the house and the other information about the house and the person’s details.
  • The most important thing is that the person enters the accurate information of the business details in the application form.
  • The person tells him through the application that they open the new shop and this shop is for the electronics or the other purposes.
  • Then the person submits the documents and the application form with the hand written application and then submits it to the SDO office.
  • After the approval of the SDO, the new meter is issue within specific period of time.

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