September 18, 2020
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The focus of this research area is optimization of yield and product quality in cereals, grasses, clover and vegetable seed crops based on research in crop nutrition and growth physiology processes under variable production and climate conditions. This is done by: Providing basic new knowledge about the importance of the connection between plant biology and growth conditions for yield and achieved quality in agricultural crops as well as grasses for bioenergy and recreational purposes, Providing new knowledge about the interaction between agricultural crops and microorganisms such as endophytic fungi in grasses and biological control of pests in clover

Developing new applications of multi-spectral imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in quality assessment such as seed health, germination and purity in replacement of the traditional methods

Carrying out research activities that support the section’s contribution to the teaching of bachelor, master and PhD students at Aarhus University


M.Sc degree holders in Seed Science and Technology can get into the post of Scientist .But they have to qualify the examination conducted by Agriculture Scientist Recruitment Board. It is possible for them to pursue their career as Lecturer, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in agricultural colleges and universities provided they qualify the NET exam. Job profiles available for them in National Seed Corporation (NSC), State Seed Testing Lab (SSTL), State Seed Corporations (SSCs), Central Seed Testing Lab (CSTL), and Breeder Seed Units (BSUs) are

Seed Production Officer, Seed Inspector ,Assistant Seed Officer ,Seed Testing Officer ,Seed Certification Officer

Job description 

Public Sector offers the job of Production Manager to the M.Sc graduates in Seed Science and Technology. These aspirants can get into the agricultural departments of government as Agricultural Development Officer or Block Development Officer

Opportunities available in private sector

If the candidates are interested to work in private sector after M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology, then they can pursue their career as Plant Breeder in non-governmental research organizations .But such aspirants should have minimum 2 years of experience in Plant Breeding.

  • Job profiles available for them in production section of seed companies are  ,Quality Control Officer ,Production Director ,Production Manager ,Production Officer
  • Production Coordinator ,Zonal Officer ,Field Assistant ,Farm Supervisor ,Production Assistant ,Plant Supervisor
  • Self-employment opportunities
  • After getting good experience in the field of Horticulture, M.Sc degree holders in Seed Science and Technology can pursue their career as Horticulture Consultant. They can start up their own office and give advice to their clients on how to design and supervise gardens.

Another Self-employment opportunity available for these postgraduates is start an agriculture clinic for providing professional extension services to the farmers. They can obtain all the required facilities through Agriculture  Clinic and Agri Business Center Scheme launched by Ministry of Agriculture under Government of India. They can choose any of the project activities like Seed processing units, Post harvest management centers, Plant protection, service center etc. Then they can apply for loan up to Rs. 10, 00,000/- from Commercial Banks, Region Rural Banks or Co-operative Banks under this scheme. It is also possible for the aspirants to undertake start up training at specified training centers and apply for the loan after its successful completion.