September 21, 2020
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Let’s  talk about product and industrial design. now a days mostly people prefer to this degree but some of them actually don’t know much about it so today we will discuss about this degree ,its scope, benefits , and institute related to product and industrial design

Overview of product and industrial design

Industrial design deals with any manufacturable/produceable product, i.e. is requires industry processes and operations. It also covers the whole lifecycle – from initial research to manufacturing. These designers also work on producing manufacturing drawings and redesign for manufacturing operations.

Product design deals with developing concepts from research to renderings and prototypes. It is one part of the whole lifecycle, primarily in the initial phase. These designers in principle are not involved in working with the manufacturing activities and handover the designs to them. But since there is overlap, most people and in the industry use the terms interchangeably. Further there are people from engineering side who also use similar or same terms. to summarize, industrial design is more of whole lifecycle focused on end-to-end design activities while product design is focused on conceptual designs and developments.

Product Design is focused on products , its design and development. It is more focused on the users, the product and the interaction between them. Product designers can be seen working with users and the product-systems Industrial Design is taking ideas from concepts to business integration. It is focused on the users, the products and the systems, the interaction and service in regard to the business value. The difference is in the business integration, which is mostly in form of CAD and manufacturing drawings, service design and system design. Industrial designers can be seem working more in relation to business operations and translation of designs into business value.

Scope of product and industrial design

A degree in Industrial design  teaches you how to develop and design any kind of product, from mobile phones, to bicycles, furniture and even fashion magazines or videos. Industrial designers are the ones that imagine how consumers might use a product and test different designs for them to see which is the most user-friendly.

That’s why during your industrial design studies, you will learn how to develop design concepts, taking into account social, environmental, functional, financial, and aesthetic aspects. You will also develop IT skills including graphics modeling, multimedia, and web-design. Studying product design gives you the broad theoretical knowledge and practical skill set you’ll need to use production methods and materials creatively

Institutes which offers product and industrial are listed below. Here are some top institutes of Pakistan which is best for the students interested in product and industrial design

  • National university of science and technology (Islamabad)
  • Karachi institute of technology (Karachi)
  • University of engineering and technology (Lahore)
  • National college of arts (Lahore)

Science is about knowing and engineering is about doing. Its nice to see such a hard working student awarded for his dedication and hard work .so stop doubting yourself and work hard.