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Let’s talk about Human Nutrition & Dietetics. Today every one give prefer to this degree but some of them actually don’t know much about it so today let’s talk about it and its scope and what is it in fact

Overview of Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Food is the basic essential of life. It is impossible to survive for long without food. It is the food that fulfills the need of carrying out the essential body functions. It provides the necessary components required for the usual functions of our body along with the internal metabolism. The food does not mean that everything has to be eaten. The need of food and nutritional components varies with the age , physical  status and the nature of activities. Deficiency can result in serious ailments.

Dietectics is a profession which applies the science of nutrition in the maintenance of health in each of the life cycle stages as well as to the dietary management of various disease conditions.The 4 year dietectics degree program equips graduate with the knowledge and skills to practice in any 3 key focus area of the profession, i.e. therapeutic Nutrition, Community Nutrition and food service Management.This course is also consists of four years like any other honor degree. In the pace of the course emphasis is given on the biological requirements of the individuals. It is important to understand the structure of the body. The anatomy and physiology of the body determines that the individual need. The course tries to give the maximum practical exposures for the students by taking them to make the hospitals, clinics etc. they are encouraged to make practical application of the knowledge

Scope of Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Once the degree completes there are ample opportunities to join the varying institutions. The better options are getting jobs in the hospitals. The nutritionist can join the school too. Many large education units are concerned about the nutritional requirements of the students. There is an opportunity to become a registered nutritionist and run his or her own business. You can also get jobs in various areas such as

  • Food researcher and scientist
  • Production manager
  • Quality control manager in food related industries
  • Quality Assurance officer in food processing plants
  • Fitness consultant
  • Food Auditor in hotels
  • Manger in food processing and preservation units
  • Food and Nutrition adviser for sports team
  • Food inspector
  • Professor in Homeopathic and herbal colleges
  • Nutrition Adviser for children and pregnant women NGO
  • Food law and regulation departments

List of Institutes Offering Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Human Nutrition & Dietetics is growing world wide, and a bachelor’s degree is offered at several colleges and universities in Pakistan some of them are as follow

  • Government college University, Faisalabad
  • University of Sindh
  • Minhaj University
  • University of Veterinary and Animal sciences
  • City University of Science & information Technology
  • Aims Institute Of Management Science
  • Kaims International Institute
  • Multan Institute of Health and Science
  • The limit Institute of Health and Science
  • The University of Faisalabad
  • Lims college
  • UMT Lahore