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There are number of fields of career available. The students can apply and find jobs in many areas after completing their intermediate. They can join the social sector by working for NGOs, as an activist. They can further excel in the banking sector and join financial institutions. Those studying computers can work as programmers, developers, IT experts, etc. the students can look forward to become the teacher tooA one of the very first and suitable option for you after FA is to take admission in Bachelors of Arts BA. It is a 2 years bachelors degree program in which you have to study 3 compulsory subjects (English Language, Islamiyat/ Ethics and Pakistan Studies) carrying 200 marks and 100 marks respectively. Moreover you have to study 2 elective subjects carrying 200 marks each and 1 optional subject carrying 100 marks. While choosing the elective and optional subjects you can elect that subject which you want to adopt as your profession. For example, if you want to become a singer you can elect music as your elective subject or if you want to become a painter then you can do bachelors of designing

Further study options

There are lots of subjects which you can Select After FA such as…

  • BFA in Graphic Designing
  • Arch in Architecture
  • BFA in Textile Design
  • BFA in Painting
  • BFA Textile Design
  • BA Journalism
  • BA History
  • BA Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • BA in Marketing Management


The students who have passed the intermediate with the humanities or are reverting from sciences to humanities several options are available. It is a good option to study subjects like international relations or history to get prepared for the civil services. Even studying languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English have numerous professional charms. One of the subjects having a wider scope is Home Economics. Today this subject is not just home affairs but is more than this. Many students who complete higher education in the said subject can get a chance to work as nutritionist, psychologist, fashion designer and much more. Similar is the case with the fine arts and related subjects. These subjects can help you acquire highly paid jobs. The creative abilities are highly praised in all professional sectors. Subjects like Economics, Statistics can bring home well paid opportunities. The nongovernmental organizations are becoming wide spread phenomenon in our world. The people who have studied journalism, sociology and other such subjects can get high paid jobs in such institutions. One should never consider himself worthless, if he has been studying the humanities at intermediate. Humanities is a wide collection of subjects. As the name itself indicates, t refers to the human world. From life at home to the ethics and human rights all stand under the banner of humanities. There is not a single institution where humanities is not praised. No business around us can run without a creative and artistic person. Thus, if you are the one who has completed the intermediate with humanities just search and you will find a whole big lot of careers in front of you. Here below we have given top ten career counseling super tips for FA arts students.


Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamiyat
  • Pak studies

Elective Subjects

  • Civics
  • Physics. Education
  • Economics
  • Fine Arts
  • English Literature
  • Home Economics
  • Islamiyat Elective.