Scope of Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC)

The Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC) is a year long post-graduate level educational program, with a strong practitioner focus, that provides senior military and civilian officials with the knowledge, awareness and skills to operate at the highest levels of leadership, command, policy formulation and management. CDSS Graduates constitute a cohort of senior leaders in Australia and around the world who share common understanding of the more complex aspects of their work – whether as military officers or civilian national security professionals. The CDSS educational approach is an adult-learning model. This means that we do not simply train course members.

The CDSS provides an advanced learning environment. Course members are responsible for using the opportunities that the DSSC provides to develop themselves. Course members are expected to participate in all aspects of the program. However, the formal program is only the beginning of the learning that takes place at the College. All members of the CDSS, both staff and students, are expected to contribute their experience and their learning to enrich the group.Defence Studies or Military Studies are also be known as Strategic Studies, as it encompasses war, national security studies, military science and other aspects related to military or defence of the nation. To gain more perspective and to help develop strategies the individual should know the geographies and military geopolitics, it will help them make informed decisions

Candidates after completing their Bachelor’s Degree in Defence Studies, can go for Master’s Degree in Defence Studies like M.Phil., M.Sc., M.A, and moving to Ph.D or postgraduate diploma in defence studies.

Most of the candidates applying for defence studies in Pakistan, prefer going in the national duty in various sectors of defence like Army, Air Force, Navy etc. There are many career options for candidates doing defence studies


Under the ISSRA, following courses have been offered

  • National Security and war, National Security Workshop, National Media Workshop, Information Operations courses

Defence career

Defence studies are made for military jobs with various fields to consider from Army to Navy. These fields have many job roles to offer like Indian Defence Officer, Research Officer, Military Intelligence Specialist, In-service Officer, Ground Duty Officer, and many more. These jobs are of great pride and should be done with patriotism towards the country. Such defence jobs come with a chance of injury or death at the job. There are exams conducted annually or twice a year for candidates applying for such jobs and the maximum age limit for the candidate to apply is 27 years. The salary varies depending on the position. Many other advantages like reservation for your kid’s in schools and institutes and a pension after retirement are also provided by the Pakistan government.

Though Pakistan has always put military defence as a priority there are only a few colleges and institutions in Pakistan that teach Defence Studies. Some of the top colleges in Pakistan that offer stellar Defence Studies course include University of Quaid-e-Azam, National Defence University Islamabad, command and staff college Quetta.

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