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BS Genetics is not such a famous degree but there are several students who take much interest in this course and they have wish to get admission in this course but there is a main barrier in the way of those students who want to get admission in this course that is they think first that if they will also get a good one job or not as majority of us only have single meant of study that is to earn money or secure our life by getting handsome pay from our job. Well let’s talk about it so we will start from its overview so that those students who want to know about this field in general may get help to get it.

Genetics Overview

Genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation and heredity in living organisms. First it was derived from biology subject that is all about the research or search of the living thing on this universe. But it is not directly connected with the concept of biology subject although it has strong connection with the concept of information system. How genetics work process in real life so genetics processes work in the combination with an organism’s environmental and experiences to influence development and one more thing that is behavior. Once you have gotten admission in this course then it is compulsory for you to have knowledge of information system as some of you will leave this topic by saying that they want to keep focus on genetics study that is absolutely wrong. To present a wide variety of concepts within genetics, there are about forty-eight lectures which are also partly articles as references from the scholarly literature are included to challenge the student and open doors to further curiosity. Well now let’s talk about the scope of this field so let’s take a look on given below paragraph.

Genetics Scope

There is wide range of genetics field which means if once you have completed your study, it is sure that you will get a good one job although it is a bit difficult that you will not a good one job at the beginning but it doesn’t mean that you will not get handsome pay. Well it is all about experience as you know that your experience will increase with the passage of time so your pay will also increase. There are several jobs in teaching section. You can be a good teacher in any secondary or primary school. You can get a teaching job of 14 scales to 19 scales in any education section. There are few jobs that are recently announced by the department of genetic engineering. If you have passed out genetic engineering then you can apply for these jobs, now let’s take a look on its pay that is the major question of the day.

  • Genetic Engineering pay was $17 per hour in 2005
  • Genetic Engineering pay was $21 per hour in 2009
  • Genetic Engineering pay was $25 per hour in 2014
  • Genetic Engineering pay was $30 per hour in 2017



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