Role Of Media Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

Media has too much importance in life of person. With the help of media any person can get all types of information and if they want to communicate from big government sector and they want to deliver their requirements to government sectors that kind of person use social media and they can upload all kind of requirements. In past, if any person wants to talk with any person and that person is not live in that city then person write letter and they can communicate but now they can communicate within one second and best thing is that they can also reply of their talk at the same time. Now this time, print media is too much active. If we compare latest technology with previous years technology then we realized that all things are digital and now all types of persons do not use radio.

There are many types of media

  • Print media
  • Social media
  • Electronic Media

First on is print media and with the help of this media they can read all types of news. This media is just like newspapers. Some of the old persons who have too much free time in their age and they do not use electronic thing that kind of all person use this media and in this generation, some of the people also read newspapers in the bench of tea shop.

Second is social media, this media is too much fast and this is one of the best media is that who prove that every person can see anything at any place and at any time. In the past, all types of students and all type of candidates who just wants to get jobs but they do not want to get job because they do not have too much information about opening of jobs. With the help of this media, all types of candidates can get information about every job and they can also apply for this job through this media.

Third is electronic media, this media is very useful in this time. All types of persons who do not want to read news that kind of persons hear from electronic media.

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