Rights of Women in Islam Eassy For Students

In ISLAM, women take too much. Before the religion of ISLAM, no any person likes women and every person tries their best to get rid of women because they do not know about the importance of women. Some of the people who do not have knowledge about women and when any women gave birth to any girl then they was buried alive girl in land.  When ISLAM comes, then all Muslims realize that women have too much importance. Islam give too much importance and rights and ISLAM also announced that if any women  do wrong work and if they want try their best to do more works as compare to men and they do all work with open face that kind of women face many type of difficulties.

Now this time, all types of girls try their best to compete with boys, this step is good but if any women forget rules of Islam and they do not follow rules that kind of women do not enter in religion of Islam. Islam religion is not too much tough and they always announced that do not cross limits because when any women cross their limits and they do not understand the limitation that kind of women do not get blessings from Allah.

Islam announced that if any women want to get education that kind of women can get education but they just only read school or college of girls. Now this time, some of the girls try their best to get admission in co-education and they think that if they want to get admission in that college than they maintain their status and they can easily get education from system of Co-education.  Islam strictly announced that if any girl wants to visit bazaar and they want to buy nay thing from bazaar then they first cover their self and then they can go to bazaar for anything.  Some of the girls want to do some work for facing their expenses that kind of girls can do work but if they want to do stitching and other households work.

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