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In the muslims Ramzan in holy month. In that month the muslims are fast the whole month and respect those one who are in fast. That’s a month in which the holy Book the Holy Quran has been revealed. That’s a month in which one night recite is better then the whole life and that night is in between the 20 to last fast of Ramzan. The muslims fast the whole day and do not eat any thing and do not drink any thing just for the ALLAH and they done this activity the whole month.

To provide the information about the Ramzan the Aaj tv broadcast a transmission with the name of Ramzan Hamara Emaan for the year 2022. Aaj tv is one of the most tv channels that are mostly seen in the Pakistan and all in the asia. It is our responsibility to provide the all information about the programme and we are doing our duty very well and very honestly.

Those peoples who are fan of Umer shareef and are interested to come in the show, they can get the ticket and come in the show.  All the time tickets are available on our site before ending any one can check the timing and get the ticket at any  time they want. Sometimes it is happened that tickets are end very early because of reason that the people are in the waiting of the tickets when the tickets are opened the people get it.

People must have to come in the show and get the useful information. Those peoples who are go to  banks and spend their time and spend money to get the tickets, they visit Paperpks.com and get the for the Ramzan Hamara Emaan 2022 on Aaj tv with umer shareef sitting at their home without any tension and without any hesitation free of cost only they have to  pay for the ticket. In this way their time are save and it is easy way  to get the ticket.

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