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Karachi Ramadan Calendar and Ramadan time Table 2022 is updated. If any Muslim or the other person wants to get the overall schedule of the Ramadan they just click the link and get the schedule.

Karachi Ramadan Calendar and time table 2022

Basically the Ramadan is very important for the Muslims because in this month the Muslims get rid of all the bad things. In this month Allah gives two important things to the Muslims. One is the Holy Quran and the second is the Pakistan. The Pakistan came into being in the month of the Ramadan. The Karachi city is the big city from the other city and the every city has the separate time table and the schedule of the Ramadan. The time frame duration is not too much big. The time difference from the other cities is maximum 20 to 25 minutes. The ministry of the science and the Islamic committee decide that the First Ramadan is in the month of the April. The last Ramadan is in the month of the May. In the month of the May the Muslims celebrate the EID-UL-FITAR.


In the Karachi city, the SEHARI time is decrease 1minutes day by day.

In the Karachi city, the IFTAR time is increase 1 minute day by day.

Time table

The first Ramadan is start from the 3 April and at the time of the 4:52 AM. The SAHERI time of the first Ramadan is 6:54. The day of the first RAMADAN is Wednesday. The minister of the science and the technology announced that this year every person and the shopkeeper and the other business man do their business with proper time table. In the Pakistan the food stalls and the restaurant and the hotel are opened at the afternoon but the government of the Pakistan announced that all the food stalls are opened only before the 2 hours of the IFTARI.


The Islamic committee decided that the 3 may or the 3 may to 6 may the government of the Pakistan and the people of the Pakistan and the Muslims of the Pakistan celebrated the EID.


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