Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The duplicate bill of the Quetta Electric supply company for this month is available on the page and the site. If any person of the Quetta and the other villages want to get the bill online without any charges that kind of the persons can get the bill after clicking the link. With the help of the online duplicate billing and the online paying amount of the bill the busy persons are fully relaxed because they do not have any time for paying the amount of the bill. They easily download the electricity bill and they pay it through the bank.

How to download the bill

  • The person clicks the link of the online electricity bill and then the person read the complete instruction.
  • Then the person click the link of the online duplicate bill and then the person enter the 14 digit reference number for the online electricity bill.
  • After that the person enter the type of the bill like the local or the commercial and then the person write the code that are mentioned on the screen . If any person does not read clearly the code they press the refresh button and they got the new code.
  • The person can download it through the page.

Important announcements and the rules

The QESCO announced the new rules and the announcements.

  • In the Pakistan the crises of the electricity is too much on the peak.
  • The government of the Pakistan and the QESCO announced that the people save the electricity.
  • In the Pakistan the new LED lights are invented and t6he best thing is that theses lights and the new advanced technology electricity things are manufacturing in the Pakistan.
  • The people of the Pakistan use that LED because these electricity devices or the things have low consumption of the electricity.
  • If any person wants to run the AC in their houses and the homes and the factories and the mills then they purchase the inverter AC for the better performance and the low consumption of the electricity.

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