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PU is the abbreviation of Punjab University which is located in the city of Garden (Lahore). This university have two campus, one is Allama Iqbal Campus which is called old campus, located at Anarkali & other one is located on Canal road which is called Quaid Azam campus. This university offers many programs and every year thousand of candidates appear in annual exam under this university. If you are a student of Punjab University and appear in annual exam of BA & BS cans search for the guess papers, then you came on right page because we give Punjab University BA & BSc guess papers on this page.

Guess Papers have great importance because it gives complete idea about the annual papers to a student. Our guess paper is valid and students get 80 Percent marks with our guess paper. You can also get Punjab University BA Syllabus of English and model papers from this page. If a student wants to get really good marks in the annual examination of any of the class then the best way to prepare for the exams is that the students will get the last 5 years question paper or the second best source is through the Guess Paper. In this page complete Punjab University English A & Punjab University English B Guess paper available.

Punjab University BA & BSc English Guess Paper 2020

  • “The Damned Human Race” was written in the early 1900’s. Is it true today? Does man still
    deserve this attack or has he improved in a Century’s time?
  • Man is usually called “the highest animal” on the basis of intelligence. What are the
    specific traits that make him to “the lowest animal” for Mark Twain?
  • What were Hamel’s views about the use of time, responsibility and French language?
  • How does Gillett Burguess describe the difference between Bromides and Sulphides?
  • The last Lesson is the story of national pride. Discuss it.
  • What examples of Bromides and Sulphides does the writer give?
  • Write brief notes on the following characters:-

(a)Mrs. Sappleton

(b) Framton Nuttel

(c) Vera

  • “The Open Window” by H.H. Munro is a story full of suspense and irony that keeps the
    reader’s interest alive upto the end.
  • Write a note on the actual secret of Milty’s life.
  • What are the views of C.S. Lewis on Rjight and wrong?
  • Write a note on the character sketch of Milty.
  • What is the difference between Moral Law and Instinct?
  • Science is neither Eastern nor Western. Discuss
  • Write a note on the journey of the writer form Europe to Mekkah.
  • According to Graham Greene what is the condition between childhood and Books.
  • Greene said that each book was a crystal. What did he mean by this.
  • Describe the machines and mechanical processes at work in August 2026.
  • “August 2026; There will come soft rains” is an ironical depiction of human society that is
    moving towards lifelessness.
  • Write a brief summary of the story “August 2026”
  • What methods could parents or individuals use to prevent or lessen T.V. Addiction?
  • An “In a way a heavy viewer’s life is imbalanced by his television ‘habit’ as a drug Addict’s
    or an alcoholic’s. Comment with reference “T.V. addiction” by Marie Wine.

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions in your own words.

  • Write a survey report on floods and its effects with your suggestion and conclusions.
  • Write a survey report on Inflation and its effects with your suggestions and conclusions.
  • Write a survey report on the wasteful expenditure on “Wedding” with suggestion and
  • As a newspaper reporter make a survey report on “Usage of Mobile Phones among
    Students” with suggestions and conclusion.
  • Write a survey report on beggars and begging with your suggestions and conclusions.

BA English is considered as one of the toughest subjects and you all have to be fully concern this subject to get higher marks. Punjab University is an oldest university of Pakistan which gives all type of facilities to its all students. You can online prepare for it or even you can also download these guess papers. Students who wants to get good marks they should prepare these guess papers. These are not up to date guess papers but you can still prepare your exams for conducting the examination.