Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) Admission 2022

The Punjab skill development fund offer the free short scale degrees for the candidates. The total information or upload in our website for this institute. The Punjab skill development fund offered different type degrees for those candidates who want to take their type skill. The shorthand degrees are very capable and beneficial for candidates who want to do the job in future. We are provide latest information about this institute. There are no problem to check the information from another website we are all the data mentioned below. In which we tell you about the admission method, the application form, due date and last date and the criteria of the shorthand course.

The Punjab skill development fund also gave their students monthly 1500 rupees.

The books are also free from the institute

The institute also gave the free uniform every year. This seasonally uniform given by these institute

The stationery and books bags also be given by the institute for absolutely free for their candidate.

Solar system installation expert:

The Punjab skill development fund provide special degree program that is called solar system installation expert. the solar system installation is one of the highest rank work in the world. Every country and States change their power electricity from other sources to solar system panel. That is why the value off solar system engineer is very high in whole world. After some the people see everywhere the power generated by the solar system. A candidate who want to take admission in solar system installation expert then download the form and feel it and send in to the institute.

In the solar system installation future the benefit are mentioned below;

Solar street light

Expansion of the population in world the power generation prestige grow in every year. Therefore the solar system are used in every field either solar street light also. The solar street light system is one time investment. No worry about that from where the energy can be consumed because the sun is here. Solar street light charge itself their battery and on the light at night when the sunset.

Solar wall light

These days the modern era are going on. Everyone want to use the modern lightning method. Therefore many companies create these solar wall light system for the consumers. This system on and off automatically in day and night. No worry about weight the energy would be consumed. Solar system itself manager for all the system.

Solar garden light

Sometime you see the lightning in gardens. Delight that set by the government or private method in garden for the decoration and the used for the light. D solar garden light are also been created by the companies. No worry about that to hire a worker to do the garden light on and off. The solar garden light have the intelligent skit turn on and off by itself.

Solar landscape light

The solar landscape light is also be very usable and preferable in these days. Now a days if the demand of solar landscape light is rising everyday.

Solar idea light

This is the another technique for the solar light. Used by the all professional departments. Also be used in home and offices for work.

CCTV technician:

The CCTV installation and maintenance course offered by this is institute. In fresh stage technological advancement has made the world a global village. if someone want to become a professional CCTV installer we advise that candidate to join the CCTV installation and maintenance and course from this institute. In CCTV system programs the design and planning process which will include installation specification and the IP setting for the cameras and others security manners. The ID demand for these type engineers who have the CCTV installation and maintenance course. Because everyone want to secure by the cameras and other is security features.

There are other programs are available in institute of Punjab skill development fund:

The institute of Punjab skill development also over the some other courses. The courses are written below with little more detail;

General electrician:

The duty of general electrician easy install and maintain all of the electrician and power system. Electric system who are used by in offices, homes, other factories and industrial areas. Diesel electrician also 20 other construction or maintenance also many do both.

Safety inspector:

A safety inspector is the inspector mostly in a government agent whose inspect organization of factories and the equipment’s who used in the industries. Sometimes the electrical spark happen for some reason and that the result of the people face problems. The safety inspector maintain their that type problems.

Graphics designing:

the graphic designers is the one of the most people think skill in the world. every year is a in graphic designing branches are one two one upgrade.  In the graphic designing there are many other sab designing branches are available. Some names are written below;

  • Application designing
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Photoshop


In the duty of beautician the responsibilities to removing hair, recommending skin care, the skin therapies and manage client appointment. The beautician give also massage sometimes for their customers. Every year the trend of beauty contest are upgrade, beautician skills are very valuable in these and also be more valuable in future time.

Dress and fashion designing:

In these days all the stylish dress clothes created and their style managed by this fashion designers. This study turns always be upward in fashion designing. Designers a conduct the adjustment of the new type clothes and their fittings for each type person. Every years the multinational companies create more companies and hire the high skilled candidates who have diploma courses in the fashion designing.

The documents need:

  • Three fresh photos of candidate
  • The photo size must be passport
  • Two CINC card photo copies
  • The previous educational result card photocopy
  • The age limit is between 18 years and 35 years
  • Minimum one address available in the CINC of Punjab

The application forms admitted at the address mentioned below:

Rawalpindi institute of technology, Mecca shopping centre, in front of spicy foods, Rawalpindi.

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