Punjab Law College Lahore Admission 2022

Candidates who want to get admission in Punjab Law College, they can apply for admission right now. Recently Punjab Law College management has announced that admissions are open in this institute. Candidates who want to get admission in this institute, they must follow the entire rules defined by the management of this institute. We will talk about it in detail so must read the complete article to get informative content from this page.

Candidates first will check if they are eligible for that course in which they are applying for admission or not? It is because in few courses, you are required to have at least 60% marks although in other courses this criterion is not compulsory. Having 60% marks to apply for few courses is just the first step to make sure that you are form those candidates who have ability to handle that course. Although those students will get admission who will have greater marks among those candidates who will apply for admission.

At the time of applying for admission, candidates will take much care of their admission form and will fill it in correct form. It would be batter for you to your admission form with your own hand and before filling any field, make sure that you are putting correct information. Few previous classes certificates will be required. In admission form, you will only put your marks which you got in previous classes, but original documents will check out which you will select for admission. These are documents.

  • Matric class result card with attested copy
  • Intermediate class result card with its attested copy
  • Character certificate attested by the principal of that institute from where you passed previous classes
  • B-form in case of under eighteen-year-old
  • National CNIC in case of above eighteen-year-old
  • Candidates three pictures along with one on their admission form
  • Students pictures must be attested from the back of those pictures

It was the information now if you want to get any addition information then you must visit this site homepage from where you will get relative articles of this institute.

Fee Structure of Punjab Law College 

  •  5 Years B.A. LL.B. Hons 1st Year+Reg.Fee Rs. 21,010/-
  •  05 Years B.A. LL.B. Hons 3rd Year Rs. 20,010/-
  •  05 Years B.A. LL.B. Hons 2nd Year Rs. 19,510/-
  •  05 Years B.A. LL.B. Hons 5th Year Rs. 19,870/-
  • 05 Years B.A. LL.B. Hons 4th Year Rs. 19,510/-

03 Years LL.B. Program (Morning)

  •  03 Years LL.B. 2nd Year Rs. 15,510/-
  • 03 Years LL.B. 1st Year Rs. 17,010/-
  •  03 Years LL.B. 3rd Year Rs. 15,510/-

03 Years LL.B. Program (Self Supporting)

  • 03 Years LL.B. 2nd Year Rs. 32,795/-3
  • 03 Years LL.B. 1st Year Rs. 39,795/
  • 03 Years LL.B. 3rd Year Rs. 31,995/-

03 Years LL.B. Program (Evening)

  •  03 Years LL.B. 2nd Year Rs. 16,850/-
  • 03 Years LL.B. 1st Year Rs. 18,150/-
  •  03 Years LL.B. 3rd Year Rs. 16,850/-

02 Years LL.M. Program

  •  02 Years LL.M. 2nd Year Rs. /- 00,000
  •  02 Years LL.M. 1st Year Rs. 80,330/-
  •  LL.M. Thesis Evaluation Fee Rs. 20,000/-

Diploma Program

  •  Diploma in Labour Law Rs. 17,400/-
  •  Diploma in Taxation Law Rs. 18,400/-
  •  Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws Rs. 17,400/-
  •  Diploma in Banking Laws Rs. 28,100/-
  •  Diploma in Environmental Laws Rs. 21,600/-
  •  Diploma in International Trade (WTO) Laws Rs. 28,400/-
  •  Diploma in Corporate Law & Practice Rs. 29,500/-Registration Fee1 Registration Fee for Unregistered Students Re. 1,850/

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