Punjab Group of Colleges Scholarship 2022

The scholarship of Punjab Group of Colleges for the session 2022 has been announced. The Punjab Group of Colleges is the best project for the students of Pakistan. In the Pakistan, Punjab College has 1st ranked college in Intermediate level. If any student wants to get the admission in the Punjab College for best success that kind of the students click the link and they got all the information about the admission. Mostly students of the Pakistan have the ability to get higher studies but they do not afford the fees. All the students that are not afford the fees they just apply scholarship in the Punjab College. Punjab College gives him discount in their tuition fee.

Scholarship form

  • The scholarship form of the Punjab College is available on Paperpks.com
  • Students download the scholarship form from the site.
  • If any student does not download the scholarship form then they meet with the financial AID Officer. They guide him the policy and other requirements.

Scholarship Types

Punjab group of Colleges announced many types of scholarships that are

  • Merit based Scholarship
  • Teacher’s scholarship
  • Kingship scholarship
  • Orphan students scholarship
  • Students with high marks scholarship
  • Need Based scholarship
  • Employee’s scholarship
  • Incentive polices for high target
  • Special circumstances scholarship

Scholarship Amount

  • Punjab group of College announced that they give the scholarship only 20 percent discount for the students who are like and intelligent but they do not pay the fee.
  • The scholarship amount is depending upon the category of scholarship.
  • All the scholarships are in active when students maintain the eligibility criteria
  • If any student broke the policy and eligibility criteria that kind of the students are not acceptable for the scholarship.

Scholarship Description

The scholarship of merit based means that students have the 80 to 90 percent marks in their matriculation result and now they want to get the admission in this college but they do not pay the fee that kind of students receives the full funded scholarship from the college.

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