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Public policy studies how individual administrative and political levels create, approve, apply as well as evaluate measures and program aimed at resolving various social problems .Public Policy and Administration, as a field of study, is an interdisciplinary study program which draws from such fields as political science, management, economics, law and sociology, but also from other social sciences. Its main objective is to prepare professionals who have the conceptual and analytical knowledge, as well as all the necessary skills to work in the area of public policy. Graduates of the program should be able to analyze the sectoral policies and cross-sectional administrative and political issues, present and urge new information, findings and attitudes, as well as to contribute to improving the quality of professional discourse both in Slovakia and abroad.  The study program has been designed in cooperation with first-rate foreign institutions and its contents as well as the structure are comparable with similar program at prestigious international universities.Furthermore, the program aims to help students become more effective as policy makers, public servants, researchers or policy analysts. We are also interested in developing the next generation of public policy and administration scholars.

The Honor and Master’s Program in Public Policy and Administration (PPA) has two main objectives:

  • Firstly, the program is designed to engender in its students the capacity to think objectively and analytically about the policy process;
  • Secondly, it aims to provide students with a theoretical and empirical understanding of comparative and South African public administration.

Students studying for Honors and MPhil over two years will explore, inter alia, the academic analysis of public policy, the role and limitations of professional policy analysis, changes in the character of public management and administration, and comparative public administration. In addition, students acquire skills in research methods, and develop knowledge of a specific aspect of policy making or public administration in contemporary South Africa in a chosen ‘field of concentration’. After completing an Honors project that surveys academic literature and policy experience in an area, students who proceed to Master’s will have the opportunity to work on a minor dissertation in their designated field. The program is also open at Master’s level to students with appropriate academic backgrounds.

The courses which the program consists of are divided into: compulsory (CC), compulsorily optional (COC) and elective courses (EC). In order to finish their studies, a student must successfully pass all the compulsory courses and a specific number of the compulsorily optional courses. As far as the compulsorily optional courses are concerned, each student choses them from the list of COC provided to them. The elective courses are complementary in nature, they are faculty-wide and students are free to choose them either from their own program courses, or from other program ’ courses, from courses of other faculties at the Comenius University but also from other colleges or universities. More information on courses offered by the Institute of Public Policy can be found here.For admission at Honors level, students must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree. For admission to the MPhil program, students must have successfully completed an Honors degree. Students should have a background in economics, public administration, politics, African Studies, law, gender studies, philosophy, the social sciences or related disciplines.