PTCL Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The duplicate bills of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited for the current month are available on the page and the site. If the user of the internet and the user of the Telephone wants to get the duplicate bill from the PTCL franchise then they do not visits the PTCL franchise they just open the cell phone or the android device and they get the duplicate bill through it. The PTCL is very big and the widely company and this have strongly grip in the facility of the internet. The PTCL controls the internet of the entire Pakistan. This sector is the government and the performance of the internet and the sped of the internet are very good and the impressive. Hundred of the persons are registered online for the new connection of the internet.

How we download the PTCL BILL

  • If any person wants to get the duplicate bill without wasting any time that kind of the person click the link of the online duplicate bill.
  • Then the person selects the option. There are four option are displayed on the screen.
  • The person only selects the PTCL Duplicate bill option.
  • Then the person enters the phone number of the PTCL and then they enter the Account id.
  • If you have the previous bill in your hand or the home then you easily get the Account id number.
  • Then enter the both numbers the person clicks the option of the bill.
  • After one second the currently bill is displayed on the page.
  • The person can read it online and the person can download it with the help of the link.
  • The bill is in the form of the PDF.
  • The persons do not write or the edit anything on the bill.

Types of the packages

The PTCL Company announced the many types of the internet bill and the best thing is that the PTCL Company has the special packages for the one or the more students and the offices.

The List of the packages is

  • 10 GB in the whole month
  • 20 GB in the whole month
  • 40 GB in the whole month
  • Unlimited access in the whole month.

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