Prize Bond Schedule 2022 – National Savings Bonds Schedule 2022

Prize bond have great importance and all citizen of Pakistan have interest in Prize Bond. In this post we are going to share all info about Prize Bond in Pakistan. Usually seven type of Prize bond are avail in Pakistan which are Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000 and Rs.40,000. You can check all prize bond results, prize bond guess paper and prize bond list online free from Prize bond usually avail from market and also avail in National saving bank of Pakistan. Prize bind result announced in different cities of Pakistan but we update all results on this page and you can check also complete Prize Bond List free from here.

  • Prize Bond Draw List 2022

Prize Bonds are an investment and a bearer type of security available in the denominations. Usually 2 times Prize Bond results announced and we update all type of results here. The concept of prize bond in Pakistan started in 1960 and since then, it is considered as a gold investment. Approximately in each year more then 70,600 Pakistanis win Rs. 1.6 billion rupees in prize money. Many people have interest in Prize Bonds and govt also get many advantages from this scheme because by this way they get money from the citizen of Pakistan and then started a new business and give profit to lucky candidates from this money.

  • Prize Bond Guess Paper 2022

National Savings Bonds Schedule 2021 announced and we update complete prize bond schedule here and you can also check Prize bond announced dates and Prize Bond Result announced cities free from this page. Prize Bond Schedule 2021 complete cities and dates avail and you should visit this page regularly and we update all results on this page. If you have many prize bond and interest in premium prize bond, then you can also get premium prize bond detail. Premium prize bond is a good way to save money and you can also win a huge amount by the help of Prize Bond.

National Savings Bonds Schedule 2022

SNO Bond Darw # Date day City
1 Rs.15000/- 81 January, 02 2022 Thursday Quetta
2 Rs.750/- 81 January, 15 2022 Wednesday Karachi
3 R.7500/- 81 February, 03 2022 Monday Hyderabad
4 Rs.25000/- 32 February, 03 2022 Monday Faisalabad
5 Rs.1500/- 81 February, 17 2022 Monday Rawalpindi
6 Rs.100/- 29 February, 17 2022 Monday Peshawar
7 Rs.40,000 Premium Bond 12 March, 02 2022 Monday Multan
8 Rs.200/- 81 March, 16 2022 Monday Muzafarabad
9 Rs.15000/- 82 April, 01 2022 Wednesday Faisalabad
10 Rs.750/- 82 April, 15 2022 Wednesday Hyderabad
11 Rs.7500/- 82 May, 04 2022 Monday Peshawar
12 Rs.25000/- 33 May, 04 2022 Monday Rawalpindi
13 Rs.1500/- 82 May, 15 2022 Friday Muzafarabad
14 Rs.100/- 30 May, 15 2022 Friday Lahore
15 Rs.40,000 Premium Bond 13 June, 01 2022 Monday Karachi
16 Rs.200/- 82 June, 15 2022 Monday Quetta
17 Rs.15000/- 83 July, 02 2022 Thursday Hyderabad
18 Rs.750/- 83 July, 15 2022 Wednesday Muzafarabad
19 Rs.7500/- 83 August, 03 2022 Monday Faisalabad
20 Rs.25000/- 34 August, 03 2022 Monday Lahore
21 Rs.1500/- 83 August, 17 2022 Monday Multan
22 Rs.100/- 31 August, 17 2022 Monday Quetta
23 Rs.40000/- Premium Bond 14 September, 01 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi
24 Rs.200/- 83 September, 15 2022 Tuesday Peshawar
25 Rs.15000/- 84 October, 01 2022 Thursday Multan
26 Rs.750/- 84 October, 15 2022 Thursday Lahore
27 Rs.7500/- 84 November, 02 2022 Monday Karachi
28 Rs.25000/- 35 November, 02 2022 Monday Peshawar
29 Rs.1500/- 84 November, 16 2022 Monday Quetta
30 Rs.100/- 32 November, 16 2022 Monday Faisalabad
31 Rs.25000/- Premium Bond 15 December, 10 2022 Thursday Hyderabad
32 Rs.200/- 84 December, 15 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi

National Savings Bonds result announced on time and it is announced in different cities of Pakistan. You can check all cities Prize Bond results free from here and we update all results online free on this page. National Savings of Pakistan Central Directorate of Government was to declare the Pakistan National saving schedule of price bond for the era 2021 for the months as recorded from January 2022 till December 2022 time period.

  • Prize Bond Result 2022

Prize bond or national saving bond have also guess paper which help the prize bonder to the next lucky number of the prize bond and you can check all prize bond results free from We update latest and valid prize bond guess paper and you can check all prize bond results, all cities prize bond result free from here. If you are interested to buy prize bond, then you should visit nearest national saving bank, where you get all type of prize bond. Premium prize bond also a good type of prize bond. Usually a person like to buy premium prize bond.

  • Premium Prize Bond Result 2022

National Saving bond have different amount and now we want to share all bonds winning amount. Actually we are interested to gives all type of information about the Prize bond to our all visitors. Visitors you should bookmark this page, because we update all type of information on this page. You can check your complete prize bond list by a single click from here. All cities prize bond list and schedule update on this page. I suggest you, if you have wish to save your money, then you should buy prize bonds because it is a good and best way to save money. And you have chance to win a high amount. Usually prize bond results announced every month two times.

Prize bond Prizes Important Information

List No of Prizes Prizes Winning Amount (Rs)
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 01 1st Prize 700,000
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 03 2nd Prize 200,000
Prize Bond RS. 100/- 1,199 3rd Prize 1,000
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 01 1st Prize 750,000
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 05 2nd Prize 250,000
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 2,349 3rd Prize 1,250
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 01 1st Prize 1,500,000
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 03 2nd Prize 500,000
Prize Bond RS. 750/- 1696 3rd Prize 9,300
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 01 1st Prize 3,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 03 2nd Prize 1,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 1696 3rd Prize 18,500
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 01 1st Prize 15,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 03 2nd Prize 5,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 7500/- 1696 3rd Prize 93,000
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 01 1st Prize 30,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 03 2nd Prize 10,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 15000/- 1696 3rd Prize 185,000
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 01 1st Prize 50,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 03 2nd Prize 15,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 25000/- 1696 3rd Prize 312,000
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 01 1st Prize 75,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 03 2nd Prize 25,000,000
Prize Bond RS. 40000/- 1696 3rd Prize 500,000

A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, a non-interest bearing security issued on behalf of the Minister for Finance by the National Saving of Pakistan. We give complete Prize bond detail on this page. We made easy data for the visitors so the visitors can easily check all prize bond results from here. Visitors can also get previous prize bond result or Prize bond list free from here. The inning amount of every Prize bond is different and a winner get a huge amount  by getting a lucky number.

  • 100 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 200 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 750 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 1,500 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 7,500 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 15,000 Prize Bond Result 2022
  • 40,000 Prize Bond Result 2022

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