Prime Institute Of Health Sciences Islamabad Admission 2022

Admission in prime institute of health sciences Islamabad the has been announced. There are many programs in about medical degrees. The candidate who want to take admission and get the application form must be follow us. We are provide you to latest information for about this institute. In Paperpks the candidate can found the admission date the last date and the criteria of the programs. the Islamabad branch of the prime institute of health sciences easy one of the best branch in Pakistan.  

Prime Institute Of Health Sciences Islamabad Admission 2022

Prime Institute of Health Sciences Islamabad is one of the most famous Institute of Pakistan. It has many different kinds of Department San feed where there the candidates can take admissions very easily. In this Institute the candidates can get qualification and also the qualified candidates can give knowledge to other candidates that are here to get qualified. This Institute is related to the Health Sciences where there are so many fields of health that the candidate can choose any of the health field . Prime institute of health sciences was established in 2016 for the promotion of health education.

How to apply:

The candidate who want to take admission in prime institute of health sciences Islamabad can take admission by giving there personal information and forms. The prime institute of health sciences is providing the candidates to get qualified with very ease and comfort.

Now it is very easy for the candidates to apply in the institute the first way to apply in the institute is the candidate who want to take admission in the institute can go to the office of the institute and can take admission forms and prospectus. On the prospectus the candidates get to know about the facilities and the atmosphere of that institute.

By filling admission form the candidate can submit his usual form to the office. the another way to take admission in this institute is that those candidate who cannot go to that institute and meet the officers can I get online admission forms by paying the cash. The candidates can receive the admission form online and can fill the admission form and also can submit the admission forms online.

That institute check the online admission forms and informed that candidate online. After the click check the admission forms of the candidates that used the candidates according to their qualification and forms. Then the receptors and colleagues invite those candidates whom they want to.

What’s the candidate have to appear in the admission entry test. if cadet pass the entry test then the candidate have to appear in the interview. Where the interviewer takes the interview of the candidate and check his personality and body language. The candidates have to be confident in their interview. After all this procedure the candidate can get admission in the institute of health sciences.

Eligibility criteria:

  • A person holding FSC pre medical with minimum unadjusted 65% marks from Pakistan or equivalent marks as certified by inter board chairman committee e is eligible for admission.
  • FSC pre medical equipment demand 65% minimum. While the entry test demands 50% marks. The candidate has to be done 60% minimum in entry test MD CAT.
  • The foreign students can also take admission by the need of the merit of institute. The admission of foreign student shall be strictly on the basis of merit and no assumption or special quota shall be created for foreign student.
  • If a candidate is applying he has to be done 40% in biology 35% in chemistry and 25% minimum they are some of the fields where a 25 years old candidate can also take admission. there are some of the fields where are 25 years old candidate can also take admission.

Programs of this institute:

There are many programs of this institute where the candidates can take admission very easily by applying their forms. Free of most important and most demanding fields during these days are:

Anesthesia technology:

Anesthesia technology is a great job during these days. Anastasia technician is an health Care professional. The work of this technology is to take care of the health of the patient and a normal human being. Their main task is to assist doctor surgeon during surgery. It usually works in the medical lab. This is the basic feed of the medical lab where the helper of the doctor and surgeon are stand up beside their and have them to take care of the patient. This queued is providing the candidates to take admission in this field and can get knowledge about the anesthesia technology.

Medical lab technology:

Medical laboratory technology is a profession that combines the challenges and reward of medicine with laboratory science. The work of this process is to perform complex and analysis in laboratories. It also deal with the thinking skill in determining the accuracy and validity of test results. They are few of the institute in the Pakistan that are providing the candidates to get knowledge about these kinds of technologies. No it is very easy for a candidate to get admission in this medical lab by having the merit according to the fields.

Operation theatre technology:

Operation theatre technology is concerned with the state-of-the-art machines and equipment’s. The setup preparations and handling of the setup is related to this technology. The work of the operation theatre technician is to operating room for surgery setup check up connect and adjust surgical equipment’s. The another work of the technicians is to maintain the technical clean and restore the operating rooms and arranging instruments and many other works that are related to the operation theatre. The institute provide the country to get knowledge about this technology. This is one of the most important and one of the most demanding technology now a days.

Medical imaging technology:

As a discipline it is a widest once in now days. It is part of biological imaging and incorporates radiology. this technology is used for the imaging technologies of X-Ray radiography magnetic resonance imaging ultrasounds endoscopy electrography tactile imaging thermography medical photography nuclear medicine functional imaging etc. most of the candidates have interest in this technology because it is considered very important as well as easy discipline.

Due date and last date:

This institute have the due date and the last date for the candidates so that they can take admission form on time and can also submit the admission form on time. Institute inform the candidate about the due date and the last date on the portals and online system.


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