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The Ufone SIM announced the power hour package for the customers. The customers of the Ufone fully satisfied with the service of the Ufone Company and the Ufone Company has many other hourly packages but now this time this package is on the top position. Every customer who want to do the call within one hours that kind of the customer do the power hour package of the Ufone SIM. The Ufone SIM has many types. One is prepaid and the other is post-paid.

In the prepaid SIM, the customers can do the load and they can also subscribe the monthly and the hourly package in their SIM card.

In the postpaid SIM, the customers do not load to their SIM and after the month the bill is send to the customer through the Company.

The Ufone SIM network is very fast and now the Ufone Company introduced the EVO SIM. With the help of the SIM, the people can enjoy the internet package with a lot MB’s and the calls packages to the Ufone or the PTCL numbers.

Power hour package

  • The power hour package is basically the package of the calls and the messages.
  • This package is for all the customers.
  • If any customer wants to get the details of the package that kind of the customers click the link and get all the information about the package.
  • The power hour package is only of the 6 RS.
  • The person can subscribe the package to their number by dialing the code.
  • The code is *99#.
  • After dialing the code the person receive all the information of the package like the minutes and the messages details.
  • With the help of the package the people only do the calls from the same network.
  • Other networks calls are not allowed for the package.
  • The customer can get the 60 mints daily with the help of the package.
  • The customers can get the 60 MB’s of the internet with the help of the package.
  • The customers do not enjoy the facility of the off minutes from the other networks.

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