September 18, 2020
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Pottery Technology is one of the oldest technologies around the world. Now there is less people who take interest in it. Well if you are here on this page then it is fact that you have interest in this field but you don’t know much about it. Well some of you were also asking about the salary of this field that is they were asking that what if they are pottery technician, which is how much they can earn through this field. So let’s discuss about it.

Pottery is the ceramic material. It is used to makes up pottery wares. It has several types including earth ware, stoneware and the third one is porcelain. Any ware that is made by ceramic material is called pottery. American Society for testing and Materials gave its definition in which they said that all fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, except technical, structural, and refractory products. There is complete process of this field that is if you are going to join this field and want to learn more and more about it then you can learn anything online on this site as each kind of material related to this field is provided on this site. Well now let’s talk about the main point for that you are here on this page which. First just take a thing in your mind that if you want to do anything then don’t think about it just do.

Now where the question of its scope that of you are asking about the scope of this field then you don’t have need to think about it much as there is wide range of its scopes. Through this paragraph you will come to know that how much you will earn if you will get a job. First of all only few candidates know about this field in depth and half of them who know about it, take interest in it but only half from them join this field which means there is no any competition in this field and if once you have joined this field then you will gain much knowledge about it and also heap of money that is the basic requirement of all of you. Here is its salary schedule so let’s take a look on it. Well it is only basic salary schedule but somewhere it can be change.

  • Die technicians salary was $15 per hour in 2007.
  • Die technicians salary was $19 per hour in 2010.
  • Die technicians salary was $23 per hour in 2014.
  • Die technicians salary was $27 per hour in 2017.

Well it was the salary schedule but many of you will not like to get a job as they may like to start their own business. Well if you are good technician then it will be easily for you design a thing according to this concept even at you home if you have less equipment. Well it’s up to you either you will join any industry to do job or will start your own business.