Physics Practical Matric Guess Paper 2023 Check Free

Practical work has great importance and a student get more information and knowledge from a practical work then the theory. In this article we are going to share with you, Physics practical work. Physics is a very important subject and it helps to do our work in short time. Students who done 10th class examination and now give matric practical, they get many advantages from this page. In this page, we are going to share with you Physics matric practical guess paper 2023 and these guess papers are valid for all boards of Pakistan, so all students get good marks by preparing these practical.

Physics is very interesting subject and this subject is a science subject. Those students who have wish to got good marks they should prepare these guess papers and bookmark this page because we update all latest and fresh information on this page. You can also get all colleges admission detail and eligibility criteria from this page. Practical work have great importance and it gives complete knowledge to a student to work in routine life. Physics made our life very easy and we do our work in few sec with the indentation of Physics.

List of Important Practical Questions of Physics for 9th & 10th Class

  • Definition of Ohm’s Law and its circuit diagram(Question may be asked to complete a table by using formula R=V/I
  • Series and parallel combination of resistors(Question will be asked about equivalent Resistance and circuit diagram)
  • Laws of Reflection and refraction and their diagram.
  • Definitions of Am-meter, Volt-meter & Galvano meter, How they are constructed and How they are used in Circuits to find Current and Voltage and their circuit diagram
  • All gates their symbols and truth table(I m sure about this, one of the question about gates will be asked in exam especially Or gate, And Gate and Nand Gate)
  • Snell law to find critical angle(Question may be asked to complete table using n=Sin i/Sin r
  • How to find magnetic field lines by using Bar magnet.

You see many things in your around which help to do our work in sec. Those all things are the invention of Physics. Federal boards students also get advantages from Physics guess paper of Practical. You can also get important viva of matric physics subject. If you have wish to got good marks then you should only follow our instruction. We give complete information about every thing on this page.

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