Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The facility of the online checking bill information and the online paying bills amount for this month are available on the The PESCO is the big Company that provides the electricity in the whole Peshawar. The staff and the engineers and the other workers are too much cooperative in this department. If any person wants to meet with the worker or the SDO or the other engineer they can meet him without any appointment or the protocol. Now the electricity is very important for the daily life. In the Pakistan all the big cities have the separate grid station and the offices and the entire complains and the other information  about the new meter or the other information are getting through the PESCO and the other desired WAPDA stations.

How to check or download

  • If any person wants to check the electricity bill of this month, they just click the link and get all the information.
  • In the Pakistan mostly families are belong to the middle class and the middle class family has the small and too much short budget for the electricity bill.
  • At the end of the month they put the reference number in the box online and then they get the electricity bill online.
  • The main advantage is that the person can check the online electricity bill at any time and if their bill units are going to above to their budget then the person controls it with less usage of the electricity bill.
  • If any person do not know their reference number then don’t be worry the list of all the reference numbers and the owner names of the houses and the address and the colony and the other information are mentioned on the page and the site.

Importance of the Duplicate Bill

  • The importance of the duplicate bill is too much in the daily life. If any person does not receive the bill at the due date then they get the bill online and they pay it and then they do not pay the fine.
  • After the last date the amount of RS 10 is increased in every day in the bill.

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