PEC 5th Class Roll Number Slips 2022

PEC 5th class roll number slip 2022 has been announced. The announcement is free in our website. Every candidate take their roll number slip through our website for free. There are no need to go anywhere and no need to wait postman. Due to covid-19 pandemic some time 2022 student face the problem to receiving their slips. Further for more information please visit our website regularly base.

On which date the roll number slip receive:

There is no one date when a slip receive. There are different dates in which are education department send the roll number slip to their candidates. Whatever, sometime a roll number slip send by institute before 15 to 25 days of exam. Almost one and half month after the application form the PEC send the roll number slip. The roll number slip send by postal. the roll number slip also be available in our website. The candidates is check it and download it through our website when they want.

Is roll number slip important for a student:

Yes! The roll number slip much important for a student who wanna be take exam. There are no excuse accept by the superintendent of examination hall for those candidates who not have a roll number slip. We can say that a roll number slip is a permit to enter in examination hall. Sometime a student forgot roll number slip at home. This time a candidate should must be have  a duplicate a roll number slip with them. Because of if someone not have their roll number slip then they cannot be eligible to take exam.

Sometime a candidate lose their roll number slip. We cannot find it. Then the only way to take your roll number slip is again. A candidate download their roll number slip many times from our website, when they want.

What is mentioned on roll number slip:

In roll number slip these information’s are mentioned;

  • The centre name
  • Subject names
  • Date of papers
  • Time of paper
  • Roll number
  • Some other formal information.

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