PEC 5th Class Position Holders 2022

Pec is termed as the Punjab Education commission in this commission there are two many of the scholars and the headmasters of the schools which are together in the one platform. PEC is the commission Which is used to announced the result the time and the Date of the papers of the 5th class and it also announced the result of the 5th class and also the name of the position holders of 2021.

The children who pass the exams with the good marks can get the grades according to their own handwork and then there are too much students who only passed by the passing marks and the commission decided to promote the students of the 5th class to 6th class if they pass the exams.

The result can be seen in our website and by the news and in this website there is a portal available we had to open that portal out some of the click button to the result then the result does not show there because the name and the picture of the position holder’s are on the news and on our website before the day of the result and the govt has announced the scholarship and the reward to the students who get good marks into the 5th class and promote to the next class.

The 5th class is the one of the most firstly test given class to check the ability and to pass through the Student from this board exams session as the student can get the position into that field also.

The position holders students can be mentioned and the students can give more respect and the teacher have the good impact on that student cuz they pass the exam with the maximum marks and then there are the more chances of that students to pass the exams and then they can go to next level and raise the name of parents and nation. The picture and the name and the roll number of the students can be given into and this website can give u more information about position holders.

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