Pakistan Medical Commission MBBS & BDS Admission 2022

Difficulties of online admission portal for admission in private medical and dental colleges of Pakistan ( MBBS & BDS program)

The admissions are open through Pakistan medical commission in private medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. In which the candidate to take the program

  • MBBS
  • BDS

Pakistan medical commission will be inviting application on our national level from students seeking admission to private medical and dental colleges immediately after the announcement to offer the MDCAT result. Deep Auto will be accessible true Pakistan medical commissions website at The Portal shall remain open from 19th December 2020 8th January 2022.

  • Only application to supplement you do online through the portal will be entertained for admission.

Pakistan Medical Commission MBBS & BDS Admission 2022


All affiliated call institute enter and administered colleges open and other University will not be part of the admission portal. Any students seeking to apply to the said colleges she’ll be required to apply directly to the relevant University.

The PMC eligibility  criteria is as follows:

  • Minimum 65% or above FSc/HSSC or levels equivalent to IBCC certificate
  • 60% or above in MDCAT OR SAT (SAT 2 for foreign students only)
  • In case of SAT 2 60% or above in each subject


If you do not need the eligibility requirements, you will not be able to submit to your application. How to mission off of foreign to dental she’ll be strictly on the basis of merit and no exception or special quota shall be created for foreign student.

MDCAT exemption criteria for foreign students who for 2022- 2021

In order to qualify for admission for the 2021 session only SAT two result can be used instead of the MDCAT by students who have computer the theater at HSSC program/12 years school education from outside to Pakistan. Less than 480 in any s 82 subjective would make the applicant a in eligible for admission, DVD joker different subject result in SAT two would be taken into consideration as follows;

  • Biology 40%
  • Chemistry 35%
  • Math or physics 25%

Due to covid 19 pandemic SAT one has not been contacted to University in 2020. Therefore English she’ll be an example subject to those student shave a complete it from HSSC  high school program from an institution country where the medium of her teachings is English.

What documents will be required to submit your application:

  • Candidate pictures of ET blue background
  • See and I see or passport
  • FSc/HSSC or A level eventually document
  • SAT 2 documents (if applying on the basis of SAT 2)

Merit generation criteria

  • Fsc/ A levels IBCC equivalence certificate 30%
  • MDCAT/SAT 2 50%
  • Interview 20% to be conducted by the college

At the end of the application process, merit will be generated out of 80% as prescribed to above. The remaining  decided by the college easy as a part of the interview. The college shall add the score of the interview and consolidated with the best MDCAT/Fsc off the student issued by PMC. The college shall finalized totally aggregate out of a hundred percent for final merit of the education.

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