NTS Test Sample Paper For Teacher of Bps 9

Nts is termed as the national testing service in this services there are about many govt job opportunity for the person who are interested in this but for the govt jobs there is too much of the hustle a person can do the person had to put some extra effort ad want to do the more and more hardworking just to get the vacancy of a govt employee. There are many department in which the jobs are announced through the Nts and one of them is the job for the teachers who want to be a govt teacher and want to compete on the 9th  scale and the basic pay of the 9th scale is mentioned into our website and there are the main factors to  get more and more marks into the test there are the sample paper required and these sample papers are of the different subject and the subjects are mentioned into our website too.

The sample paper is the main helpful and the main part of the Nts test. In this sample paper there are too much things just to pass the exams one of the thing is the shirt question and one of the thing is the MCQS and the other one is the  fill in the blanks in this sample paper there are no conceptional study there is only a guide book for the last night Student’s who wants to pass the exam by the good marks and want to get an job.

How to download sample paper for bps 9 :-

  • Check the application form portal
  • Open the portal of the sample paper from there
  • Add the name of the subject you want to read
  • Press the yes button to choose the sample paper
  • It will take some minutes to download the sample paper
  • Then you can read it in the image or in the pdf file as well.


  • Easy to read
  • Help in getting govt job
  • Teachers can know the main facts of that
  • Sample paper help to update the basic pay scale of a teacher .

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