NTS Past Papers For SSE, SESE, ESE & AEO Download Free

The past papers of the senior school education like SST (senior school teacher) and the SESE and the ESE (Elementary school education) and the Assistant education officers. The government of the Pakistan announced the 160 vaccines of the educational field. The salary of all the posts is on the base of the scales. The list of all the scales is as follow

  • ESE with arts subjects is 14 scales.
  • ESE with science subject is 14 scales
  • SESE with arts subjects is 15 scales.
  • SESE with science subjects is 15 scales.
  • SESE with Arabic subjects is 15 scales.
  • SESE with PET subjects is 15 scales.
  • SESE with DM subjects is 15 scales.
  • SSE with arts subjects is 16 scales.
  • SSE with sciences subjects is 16 scales.
  • AEO with master’s subjects is 16 scales.

NTS Past papers

  • The past papers and the up to date papers of the NTS for all the posts are available and the NTS announced the new procedure for the preparation of the test.
  • The NTS announced the online test portal. This portal is best for the students or the candidates who are worried for the test. This test is verified by the NTS system.
  • In the portal the students or the candidates register him and then they select the post.
  • In the portal there are many posts of the educational and the other special education and the other department’s subjects.
  • The list of all the subjects is mentioned on the Paperpks.com
  • The students just select the subject name and then the portal moves direct to the sample question paper portion.
  • For exam if the candidate selects the English paper then the portal move the candidate online to the exam portion and then the option of the online paper is highlighted on the site and the page.
  • The candidate clicks the link and then they do the preparation of the examination online.
  • If the question is true then the green color of the correct option is highlighted.
  • If the question is wrong then the red color is highlighted in the selected option.
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