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Naya Pakistan housing scheme 2022. It is the major search topic now days and there are millions Pakistani who are just looking for its accurate information and may they still are not able to know the entire information about it. Anyhow we will talk about this project in a bit detail. We will talk on its specific aspects. It was a national project in which you will get your own home. Now how you will get its and what is the criteria? These are important things to know for everyone who want to apply for it. Anyhow first take a look on its procedure and after that should check its first announcement which is given at the bottom of this article.

  • Apna Ghar Housing Scheme 2022

First it is clear that our country base on Democracy. It means we select our leader on our own opinion. It is also terrific fact of this country that there is too much poverty. Poverty means nothing except making rich people richer while snatching even basic needs from poor people. It was the promise of every leader that we will remove the concept of poverty from this country but it did not happen at all. Well in the deep we all know that we have just three basic thing and we can spend our life easily if we have these three life materials including Food, Clothes and a House. But if we really have these basic needs? The answer is clear that more than 70% don’t have while the rest of the 30% have much material from these threes.

Concept of Apna Ghar Housing Scheme

Imran Khan who is the new president of Pakistan, he made several promises during his complain in the days of elections. He also made promise that he will provide these basic things to everyone. When he won and became the new president of Pakistan, everyone was looking at him and then on 10 October he announced officially that we are going to start our new project in which poor people will have opportunity to get their own house. These houses will provide on simple installment. First it was important for those to have maximum income who wants to get their house. It was the co concept that our president announced that employee will have greater than 15,000 pay even if they are government or private and then he announced that if you have maximum Rs 15,000 salary then you will be able to pay its installment fee easily. Now this project has been started so now let’s take a look on its foirst session but first don’t forget to take a look on its criteria.

Who will Eligible to Apply for it

We have discussed about it that these houses are for poor people who don’t have their own house till now. If you are not eligible then don’t try to apply for it as you know the behavior of Mr Imran and this case is especially under it. If you are not eligible and you will apply for it then be ready to give Ehtsab to Mr President. Anyhow below is list of eligible people.

  • Only one member of a family will be able to apply
  • Only those will apply who don’t have own house before
  • Grade one to Grade 17 officers can apply but they just satisfy condition 2
  • Only apply for that house which is suitable for you
  • People having 15 thousand to 20 thousand monthly income will have prefer to get this house

How to get and Download Form

After the announcement of first round, NADRA has been started providing form so you can get it from your nearby NADRA office. Below are few points and you had to fill this form accordingly so that you may able to apply for your house properly?

  • Visit to download form
  • Fill the form in given format which will given in it
  • Make sure that you are filling the form correctly
  • After filling it, just submit it
  • Form submission fee will be Rs, 250
  • One person will allowed only one form submission

Now let’s talk about its first session which has been started and let’s see first that what is the speech of Mr President on it?

Mr President (Imran Khan) Tweeter Message

We have launched our most ambitious, landmark housing policy of building 5mn homes in 5 yrs. InshaAllah this will provide affordable houses for our less privileged strata of society, plus 6mn jobs, create demand in 40 industries directly involved in house building & attract FDI.

First Phase Announcement

First phase has been started and you can download form for it. There are seven cities in first session. Mr President decided that first we will start construction of houses in these cities and after the completion of this first mini project; we will move on next cities and so on. Each city name and its complete address are given below so you can take a look on it. First you should take a  thing in your mind that if you want to apply in first session then must apply right now as first session is running out and its registration process will close soon.

First Session Date

  • Form submitting date is 00-00-0000
  • Each form price is Rs. 250 which you will submit in Housing program office

Seven Cities were selected for first session and those who want to apply in this first session now it is important for them to submit their application in any these offices which are ;located exactly in that cities which are selected for first session. Below are the addresses of each city so you can take a look ion it.


  • ISLAMABAD Address
    NADRA Mega Center, Blue Area Islamabad
  • FAISALABAD Address
    DC Office Faisalabad
  • SUKKUR Address
    DC Office, Sukkur
    DC Office old secretariat, Muzaffarabad
  • SWAT Address
    DC Office, District Court, Mengura Swat
  • QUETTA Address
    NADRA Registration Center, adjacent Helper Eye Hospital, Sariab Road Quetta
  • GILGIT Address
    DC Office, Gilgit.

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