Namaz Janaza Padhne Ka Tarika Complete Online Free

The complete procedure of the Namaz Janaza for the small boy and the girl or the young boy and the girl or the old men and the old women are mentioned on the page and the site. In the Pakistan and the Muslim countries have the same rules and the DUA’s for the Namaz Janaza. All the information about the Namaz Janaza and the other like TADFEEN and the other procedures the Muslims are collected from the Holy Quran. The Allah said to the Muslims in the Holy Quran that if u wants to live a good and the health life then you recite Holy Quran with translation daily.

FARAIZ of the Namaz Janaza

If the person dies with any situation then the first step is that the family members or the other person take off the gold or the metal jewelry like the neckless or the ring or the watch.

Before the 2 hours of the Namaz Janaza the family members or the other persons arranges the Molvi or the scholar for the GHUSAL.  Because the person or the child gave birth with neat and clean body and when they died the Muslims gave the GHUSAL to that person because every Muslims believe that the dead person will be meet with the Allah after the duration of the TADFEEN.

Procudre Of The Namaz Janaza

  • At the time of the Namaz Janaza some important things are fully noticed that the age of the dead body.
  • In the Islam the Muslims have the 4 DUA’s for the child boy or the child girl and the young or the old men or the young or the old women.
  • In the Namaz Janaza the Muslims first recite the SANAH.
  • After the SANAH the Muslims recite the DROOD SHARIF.
  • After the DROOD SHARIF the Muslims recite the desired DUA on the base of the dead body age.
  • After the DUA the Muslims recite the Slam.
  • After that the procedure of the TADFEEN is started. After completing the whole procedure the Muslims do the prayer for the MAGRIFAT of the person.

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