Nadra Family Registration Certificate | Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

The registration certificate information and the procedure and the verification procedure and the other information are available on If any person wants to get the Nadra family registration certificate online or they wants to get the knowledge about the whole procedure that kind of the persons click the link and get the entire information. In the Pakistan the NDRA is very fast and the valid department for the nationality of the Pakistan. In the past the mostly persons make the registration card manually of their family members but now all the records and the working are online and now you can check all the records and the verification online without any charges.

Why the NFRC is Compulsory

Basically the Nadra family registration certificate is use in the embassy for the visa. Mostly persons in the Pakistan want to arrange the trip in the foreign country and mostly persons want to settle in the foreign country with their family that’s why this certificate is compulsory for that purpose.

Without the Nadra family registration card you cannot went to the other foreign country with family

How to get the NFRC

  • First the person went to the Nadra registration office.
  • In every district the Nadra registration branch is located.
  • Then the person gets the token for the registration.
  • Without the token the person does not make the certificate because at the time of the receiving certificate the person submits the token and then they take the certificate.
  • After that the counter controller refers him to the record boy and the record boy enters their data in the database and then the boy take the picture of that person and then the person submit the documents.
  • The important documents are ID card and the wife’s ID card and the child’s B-form.

Duration for the processing

  • The working of the Nadra is very fast but if any person wants to get the online registration card in the email the nadra office uploaded the online certificate within 48 hours.
  • The normal time for the processing is 14 days.

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