My Last Day at College Eassy For Students

College is place of education. Every student loves their college but some of the students who just read syllabus and then they come back home that kind of students do not miss memory of their school. Every student who get education from college and now they face time to leave this college that kind of students get too much emotional and they do not know how they define their feelings at the front of people.

At the date of 12 April, my course is complete and college committee announced that now students do not come in college for their education because new classes will be settled and old students who complete their course and now they want to left their college that kind of students insist for part to the head of the branch. All students are too much sad at that day and every student who loves their college and their classrooms and they do not leave their college that kind of students see their classrooms last time. College committee arranges big function and in this function all types of teachers and students are invited. All students wear proper uniform and all students want signature to their white shirts. This college is not co-education. All boys meet with their teachers and they get lot of advices from all type of teachers.

Some of the students who are monitor of classes and they have too much attachment to teachers that kind of students are too much emotional and some of the students who always making a noise in class and now they want to leave college that kind of students are too much sad. College is full of banners and students names. At the end of ceremony, principal of college addressed to all students and they said that this college is not for new students on the other hand they said that if any student who thinks that they face any problem according to syllabus and they want any help that kind of students can meet with teachers of this school. All students meet with college principal and they take picture for memory.

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