My House Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

House is very important thing is human life. Every person try their best to create their own home but some of the people who do not have their own house that kind of people know about importance of house. My house is in Lahore city. If we talk about area then we say that my house covers 1 KANAL area and my house is full of rooms. My house has one parking and my house has one garden that is full of flowers and trees. My house is situated in near of my school. My house is situated in front of road. My house has 6 rooms and my house is just like a proper bungalow. I have two cars and my house has too much space for card parking. In this time, my house has a big garden all types of flowers and roses are in my garden. My house has pone store room and my house has a prayer room.

All rooms of my house are too much varnished and fully decorated. Every room has a bed and house has drawing room for guests. Some of the people have a mind that if they do not have a garden in their home and they want fresh air that kind of person can makes garden in their rood and they can also decorated with types of flowers. Best thing is in my house is that we maintain all rooms in sequence. My house has attached washroom and they have 24 stairs for upper portion.

Every person loves their home and they want to decorate it with full of latest things but sometime person do not have too much amount but when they have lot of money then they decorate and maintain their home with latest flowers and artificial walls. Best thing is that when I have free time and my heart want to do some work then I put some flowers and trees in my garden that makes too much attractive and beautiful. My house is full of security cameras. All family members including me too much happy in house.

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