My Hero in a History Eassy For Matric & Inter

This Essay is too much easy and best thing is that this essay is too much important according to pint of view. Every student has a favorite hero in their history and every student has a different mind but in these portions all students must note that they do not write Essay on their father and mother because in this Essay we only discuss hero who serve their life for Muslims and other works.

There are many heroes in Pakistan but my favorite hero is QUAID-E-AZAM. This is the one of the super hero in my life who serves their life and their skills to the Muslims and they complete their promise only for life of Muslims. QUAID-E-AZAM is founder of Pakistan and best thing is that they give complete country with lot of things like land and other facilities. He is very punctual of their time. The most important thing that attracts me too much is that they always think about others. This is one of the person in the history of world who love in India but they always support to the people of Muslims and some of persons who do not live in Pakistan and they are not Muslims that kind of people say that QUAID-E-AZAM is not Muslims and they also say that this men always find support for their dream but all things are wrong.

Truth is that they help poor students and people and they always try their best to support Muslims. This person was live in Karachi and some of the students who do not know about occupation of QUAID-E-AZAM and they do not know about family history of that person that kind of students do not search any internet site on the other hand they can read book of great poet name as ALLAMA IQBAL. QUAID-E-AZAM declared many announcements to People of Pakistan and they announced that all Muslims treat other religion persons like their family members. QUAID-E-AZAM creates history and they told all people of different countries who try their best to kill Muslims in their own homeland.

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