My First Day at College Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

All types of essays and stories about different topics are available in this page. All types of students who have a duty to learn essay and they want to learn this easy with beautiful words and they want to get more and more marks that kind of students learn this essay and they can read it with full of attentions. If any student thinks that words are different and they want to get some easy word of any line and they want to get help that kind of students can contact through comment box.

Every student who are enroll in any session of different class and they visit college at first time that kind of students are too confused and they are also too much scared because they do not know how many students are in the class and which types of students are in the class of new session. My first day at college is too much interesting. In this day I am too much happy because I feel that I am now in young age and my parents advice me at that day is to live for their dreams and this is my first day for my dream. I reached at college at proper time and I see that mostly students are too much ready for their first day and then we meet some students who are not to my class but they are seniors of other class. First I see building of school and then I realize that hundreds of students are enroll in this year and this is lucky one for that day.

Then I find my class and I see that mostly students who are new and they do not know about time table of that class. I also note time table and then I enter in the class with full of determination and my aim is to become doctor.  After some time, teachers of all subjects welcome to all students and they also thanks to all students for their ideas. After that teachers give time to all students and in desire time, I make two friends.

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