My Favorite Personality Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

In whole life of human person, every person like a unique personality and they try their best to follow all rules and all styles of their life and then at the end they do all thing and they can make like them. Some of the persons are too mind and some of the persons are too much strong by their heart but it does not mean that strong person always speak truth but their words are strong. Now this time, every person likes their mother and some of the persons like their father but if we talk best personality in world then we get name of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH.

My favorite personality is HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH. He is my ideal and I know that I am look like him and I know that I am not maintain my standard with that person but I just know that if I follow rules and life style that they talk then I will receive too much respect in this world and then I will get all types of success. Some of the students and some of the persons know personality of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH but some of the students who are not Muslims and some of the students who are too much little and they just read this line because they want to learn as essay that kind of all students must be learn more thing from this life of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH.

He is very kind personality and they teach us if person do wrong thing and if they follow bad habit then you should not listen all things and you try their best to show his right way and then you can get lot of success from ALLAH. From the life of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH, we can learn that patience is too much important in human life. Some of the persons just prove that they are rice and they always speak wrong word that kind of persons do not follow rule of Islam and at the end of their life they say that HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH is true Muslims and they always say truth.

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